Take your taste-buds onto  a Mediterranean journey no matter what time of the year. Food is meant to be explored and enjoyed at home or out-and-about.  From Italy, Greece, the middle-east these dishes are created with the sole purpose of inspiring you in your own kitchen at home to create equally vibrant, fresh recipes with dishes not shy on flavour. This is the essence of the Mediterranean Diet. Fresh and vibrant cuisine consisting mostly of vegetables, fruit, lentils, pulses , nuts, some lean meat and seafood. Fresh Seafood should be consumed at least three times a week. We will also be helping you by providing suggestions with meal plans to assist you to eat fresh and vibrant Mediterranean Diet friendly foods all week.

The beauty of the Mediterranean diet, is that there are Recipes for those who follow a Vegan diet, Paleo, low fat, low carb or FODMAP.  There is something for everyone.

Don’t waste time, head over to Australian Fusion Recipes.

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Authentic Greek Salad
authentic greek salad horiatiki χωριατικη σαλατα
this recipe will show you how to make an authentic greek salad
Zucchini and Eggplant Moussaka

zucchini and eggplant moussaka μουσακας

Exploring Modern Greek and Italian Recipes with Australian influences. Being on the Mediterranean Diet is possible in Australia.

The recipes here have a multi-cultural influence modernised a little bit and tailored to incorporate ingredients available in Australia.  Some recipes are traditional but with a twist of their own. Some recipes are as modern as they can be – paleo or clean.  

Each recipe is as diverse as each other, variety should be embraced.  After all we live in Australia!

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Australian Fusion Recipes

Family no matter where you are from defines you.  Your cooking reveals much about you and even though I love these recipes I hope you are left inspired enough to make them your own in some way.  Don’t be shy to experiment on these recipes and include your family when you do this.  Your children will be more open to the discovery process and will be more willing to experiment on different tastes.  By all means, don’t shelter them.  Include them in the journey.

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Fresh, Vibrant Authentically Mediterranean Cuisine


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