Cooking reveals much about each individual. For me my journey started early in the home from my european mother who was always passionate about cooking.

I quickly observed what she made was not simply something she put together from a recipe but she strived to add her own personal touch and there was always a lot of love in what was created.

As a mature adult I have discovered a passion for vibrant, fresh, mouth-watering and aromatic food and dishes.

Marina, recipe creator, food stylist, food photographer and cooking instructor for Olivesandfeta.

Together, we will explore ways to capture those full-bodied flavours found when eating dishes like stuffed zucchini flowers, zucchini fritters, eggplant dip or char-grilled octopus my ethnic parents prepared for me when living overseas.

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Marina, the Author is the offspring of a typical Australian Migrant Family from the 50s and currently lives in Brisbane.