Tiropitakia with Dill & Mint Hand-pies | tiropites

Tiropitakia or Tiropites are found displayed at Greek friend and family gatherings and celebrations. They are so easy to make and what is wonderful about these little ‘tiropitakia’ they store well in the freezer, ready to bake when needed.  The word greek word ‘Tiropitakia’ translates to ‘little cheese pies’ but technically speaking they are ‘little…

Savoury Feta Cheese Tart

Sharp and  full flavoured, this gloriously crumbly savoury feta cheese tart is so tasty they will be eaten faster than you can serve them. Easy to make and baked until golden brown and flaky. Delicious as an appetizer or part of a main meal. This feta cheese tart is made using widely available Australian ingredients….