Spanakopita Recipe for Beginners | a healthy recipe big on Flavour

Spanakopita is a popular greek savoury pie of primarily spinach, herbs and feta cheese encased in sheets of phyllo dough.  This recipe has been adapted to use commercial phyllo dough that you can find at your supermarket.  It is easy, healthy and big on that Mediterranean flavour. I made this recipe for my non-greek followers…

Vanilla & Semolina Custard Pies – bougatsa – μπουγάτσα

Golden and creamy perfection, delight your taste-buds by biting into these crisp filo pastries with warm custard filling. Layers of filo encase a sweet Semolina custard baked inside a golden flaky exterior. Bougatsa, is best eaten warm straight out of the oven. Each layer of filo is lightly sprayed with a light pure olive oil….

Easy Fig and Plum Mini Galettes

These bold fruit tarts are made with sweet shortcrust pastry folded over the edges onto the ripe plum and fig pudding creating a delicious free-form rustic tart. Rustic gallettes are a summer favourite of seasonal thick juicy slices of stonefruit and figs. If you want to challenge yourself a little, refer to my gluten free…

Your one-stop guide to a Flaky, rich, savoury tart crust.

This pastry is much better than traditional pastry and easy to make. When baked it has a beautiful golden brown colour, and tastes wholesome and rich. It cuts easily with a fork, holds it’s shape when lifted. An awesome low carb, high protein pie crust perfect to be used as a quiche, tart or gallette….