Roasted Mushrooms with Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary Butter

Mushrooms have a way of absorbing the ingredients around it and in this simple earthy dish, the delicate lemon myrtle and garlic infuse the mushrooms with flavour.  Serve on toast,  or as a complement to a Winter Roast.  Use a variety of mushrooms such as shitake, button and oyster for added interest.      

Spelt Spiral Pasta with Basil, Ricotta, Mushrooms and Sundried Tomatoes

The nutritious mildly nutty flavour of Spelt Pasta is delicious served with this sauce of ricotta, mushrooms and tangy semi-dried tomatoes. Mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes go exceptionally well together. Soft Italian cheeses like ricotta make a great sauce base when mixed with lemon, greens and herbs. The mellow flavour combinations go exceptionally well with the…