No -Bake Oat and Seed Trail Bar

A basic and simple nut and seed recipe. It is super crunchy and refined sugar free. As it is so easy to make, you can decide to make this slice at your disposal whenever you want. This combination of nuts, seeds and cranberries works ever so well together. I tend to not deviate from this…

Gluten free Craisin Florentines

This take of Florentines are so much tastier and even prettier than the ones found in cafes. This Italian classic biscuit features almonds, coconut flakes, reduced sugar condensed milk to tone down the normally very sweet biscuit and dried craisins which after being baked are juicy, soft and tart a perfect contrast to the crunchy…

Savoury Feta Cheese Tart

Sharp and  full flavoured, this gloriously crumbly savoury feta cheese tart is so tasty they will be eaten faster than you can serve them. Easy to make and baked until golden brown and flaky. Delicious as an appetizer or part of a main meal. This feta cheese tart is made using widely available Australian ingredients….

Your one-stop guide to a Flaky, rich, savoury tart crust.

This pastry is much better than traditional pastry and easy to make. When baked it has a beautiful golden brown colour, and tastes wholesome and rich. It cuts easily with a fork, holds it’s shape when lifted. An awesome low carb, high protein pie crust perfect to be used as a quiche, tart or gallette….

Never Boring Brown Lentil and Quinoa Salad

If you had to describe what your ideal  salad is what would it be? Is it a fresh green garden salad with a few greens mixed in together. Don’t get me wrong a garden salad serves its purpose but for some people a few leaves wouldn’t hit the mark. I’m that sort of person. When…