Chocolate biscotti, two-toned

Can’t make up your mind whether you like a chocolate or vanilla biscotti? Make this two-toned Vanilla and Cocoa Biscotti, then roll into one log, baked and cut into pieces.  They are finally baked again, to make a tender, easy to eat Biscotti perfect for your next tea or coffee.    As they are not…

Your one-stop guide to a Flaky, rich, savoury tart crust.

Gluten Free

This pastry is much better than traditional pastry and easy to make. When baked it has a beautiful golden brown colour, and tastes wholesome and rich. It cuts easily with a fork, holds it’s shape when lifted. An awesome low carb, high protein pie crust perfect to be used as a quiche, tart or gallette….

Making Phyllo and Learning How To Manipulate Dough to Thin Sheets (Overview).

I have memories as a young Australian- Greek girl living in a small village of being mesmerized by the busy activity of the kitchen as my mother and grandmother were working on making phyllo. The technique of rolling phyllo into sheets is rhythmic and smooth. It consists of a roll then a flick of the…