No -Bake Oat and Seed Trail Bar


A basic and simple nut and seed recipe. It is super crunchy and refined sugar free. As it is so easy to make, you can decide to make this slice at your disposal whenever you want. This combination of nuts, seeds and cranberries works ever so well together. I tend to not deviate from this combination, as I have tried others and found this works best. The cranberries offer the right amount of tartness and sweetness while the different textures and tastes from the combination of seeds and nuts offer interest.

Healthy no-bake seed trail bar slice

You can add extra honey if you like your slice sweeter. The recipe allows for an extra quarter of a cup of honey.

Boil the honey this will help to reduce the amount for crumbly bits in your slice.

It is fine to use your own combination of seeds and nuts but when substituting try not to have too many large nuts or seeds. If your proportion of smaller seeds and nuts is higher in your mix the easier it will be for the slice to hold its shape.

Perhaps first go, try to have the same ingredients.

Melt the honey is a saucepan rather than microwave. Allow it to start bubbling a little ( not too much ) then stir through the coconut oil so that it melts as well .

If the honey has bubbled, it will be slightly sticky. These are all tips to ensure your slice is not crumbly.

Line a small lamington tin with greaseproof paper. Have a space sheet to place on top. It will make pressing down with your hands easier. But whatever you do, press the slice down well.


100g Oats

100g pepitas

10g chia seeds


10g sesame seeds

50g cranberries

50g almonds/walnuts/cashews

2/3 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut oil

Healthy no-bake seed trail bar slice gluten-free


Melt the honey is a saucepan. Allow it to start bubbling a little ( not too much ) then stir through the coconut oil so that it melts as well.
Dry toast sesame seeds. You don’t have to toast the sesame seeds but it will enhance the flavour if you do so.

Mix all your dry ingredients together so they are evenly distributed. Pour the oil and honey mix. Stir well to ensure all the nuts and seeds are coated with the liquid. If there are sections still dry, the slice won’t stick together well. Once your happy with

Pour into the lined shallow baking dish.

Press down with a spoon or spatula, then place the second piece of greaseproof paper on top. Use your hands to flatten and compact the mix. It’s important that you spend time on this step.

Let the slice set in the fridge for half an hour.

Cut into desired sized shapes carefully, and store somewhere cool. I prefer the fridge in summer.

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  1. This sounds amazing, thank you !

  2. Looks so good and simpler than I would have expected :0).

  3. Megala says:

    Wonderful recipe! Love these nutritious bars!

    1. My daughter loves these. She trains most days and eats super clean and healthy. Nice easy way to add a delicious snack.

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