Versatile Flavourful Mediterranean Inspired BBQ marinade for meat and vegetables


December School Holidays are just around the corner, Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, working adults tend to take most of their annual leave during this time, and the end of year parties and friend and family gatherings are at their peak.

In Australia, at this time of the year it is mostly outdoors to take advantage of the warm sunny weather, and cooler calm evenings.

It’s the peak of summer and perfect for outdoor time. BBQs, backyard sports and pool or beach time are at its peak with the family and crucial for finishing the year off.

The balmy evenings are my favourite.

When preparing for a barbeque especially a quick one, a fast versatile marinade is called for. No heavy sauces and marinades are used here as they don’t always suit everyone’s palette.

I always recommend for you to lightly marinade your meat and balance it out with vegetables and salad.

if you’re in a hurry like I have been in this particular occasion I usually buy some vegetables like eggplant and zucchini cut them into stack size pieces and very lightly marinade in preparation to placing them on the BBQ. Lastly a couple of salads and I’m done. during summer it’s way too hot to put things in the oven and to spend most of my time indoors in the kitchen.

If you would like a traditional Greek marinade head over to the following link.

Classic Greek Lemon and White Wine Marinade


250g A selection of Lamb loins, lamb chops

250g A selection of eye fillets

250g A selection of chicken tenderloins

2 large eggplants

4 zucchinis

Simple Quick Marinade

4 cloves garlic crushed

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice ( not bottled )

1/2 cup pure virgin olive oil

1/4 cup lemon thyme

Salt, pepper

If you have more meat, please increase quantity of marinade


The marinade does not have to be complicated. A little goes a long way, and time helps a great deal. Allow the marinade to work its magic for a few hours after preparing.

In a mortar and pestle add the garlic, thyme, a quarter of the lemon and olive oil. Crush and bruise the thyme with the garlic. The flavours and oil from the herb will infuse the meat.

Add the remainder of the marinade ingredients, mix well with a fork.

Remove the excess fat from the meat. This is optional and understand some people like to keep it on.

Take half your marinade and poor it onto the meat. With your hands rub the marinade into the meat. If you have red and white meat keep them both separate when marinading.

Barbequed vegetables , lamb, chicken beef
Simple fuss free Barbeque in preparation

Seal the containers and place in the fridge.

Cut your vegetables into 1 cm thick pieces.

Ensure your barbeque is not ferociously hot when adding the meat. If it is the oil and data from the meat will set the meat on fire and burn it.

Add the meat first, then after a few minutes add the vegetables. The chicken should be added when you have turned the red meat over. They don’t take as long to cook.

Keep an eye on them and never mess with the meat too much whilst it is cooking.

Turn them over onto a 45 degree angle to create a criss cross scoring pattern. Then turn over to cook the other side, and do the same. Same applies for the vegetables.

Cooking time depends on the thickness you have cut them.

With a basting brush, brush on some of the marinade.

Serve immediately onto a large platter.

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  1. chef mimi says:

    After cooking through my first Greek cookbook, a million years ago, when I make kabobs, this is the basic recipe I use. It’s perfection. Love your photos!

    1. Thank you Chef Mimi 🙂

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