Easy and Authentic Tasting Tiropites with Feta and Mint – Tiropitakia


Tiropitakia or Tiropites are found displayed at Greek friend and family gatherings and celebrations. They are so easy to make and what is wonderful about these little tiropitakia they store well in the freezer, ready to bake when needed. This recipe is the one you will use frequently as they not only taste fabulous with their combination of authentic Greek Cheese varieties but they also use store-bought puff pastry.

There is another recipe for the purists who like to make the pastry, but for those with busy lives your more likely to turn to this one. They are easy to make without compromising on taste.  The real secret to any Tiropitakia is in the type of cheese used in the filling. We all know Tiropitakia are filled with feta cheese, but the best tasting ones use a combination of a  sharp cheese like (kefalograviera, kefalotiri or even parmesan ) and a Greek-style feta cheese.

As a variation, they can easily be made with filo pastry. 

When you choose to freeze them, all you need to do is place the frozen tiropites on a lined baking tray – no need to thaw, brush with egg-wash, bake at 180 degree celsius for approximately 20 mins – and they are ready to serve nice and hot. 

When you freeze the Tiropitakia keep them separate by lining each layer with a freezer bag so they don’t stick together.

Grerk cheese and mint Pasties


250g Greek-style feta cheese ( not the soft variety )

150g Parmesan cheese 

100g kefalograviera

1 egg

2 heaped tbsp yoghurt

Salt, pepper

Generous amount of finely chopped mint – a good handful

3 -4 sheets puff pastry


Defrost the puff pastry. Leave on your kitchen bench for 30 mins. Grate the cheese. The feta could be crumbled with a fork but in all honesty, it’s easier to use the cheese grater.

Chop mint finely. Don’t include the stalk.

Mix all the ingredients together. 

To make circles with the pastry you can use a coffee cup with a wider diameter.  Layout the sheet of puff pastry, place your cup and cut around the rim. Carefully remove excess pastry pieces. 

Place one tablespoon of cheese mix into the centre of the circular shaped pastry. Refer to the picture as a guide to how much filling to use. Fold over the pastry and join the edges together. If you have too much filling the pastry won’t seal as it will seep out one side when you join them together. Fold over the joined rim to ensure they don’t separate during cooking.

When making these tiropites, don’t waste your puff pastry. Any leftover pastry can be rolled to a ball and then with a rolling pin, rolled out to make more. 

Place the tiropitakia onto a lined baking dish.

Brush the Tiropitakia with melted butter and sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds.


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