Mocha Tiramisu Cups


Decadent little cups of coffee sponge biscuit layered with liquor mascarpone cream and mocha mousse.  So easy to prepare the day before and serve with no fuss on the night. It is important to make this the night before  as it allows the liquor and coffee and chocolate flavours to balance each other out.

This dessert  is perfect as they are portion sized ( I use small sized glass cups ) and ready to serve on the night. 

The number of cups you make obviously depends on the size of the cups. 

Serving size 8 small Tiramisu Cups approximately.

I generally do not use sugar in this dish. The sponge and the coffee sweeten the Tiramisu quite well on their own but have added it in the recipe below.

Mocha Tiramisu Cups


Biscuit layer

16 savoiardi biscuits ( apx 2 per cup) 

4 espressos freshly brewed

1 cup chilled water

1 tspn instant coffee (optional)
Mascarpone Cream

250g thickened cream

250g mascarpone

50g tia Maria

50g Bailey’s cream

1/4 cup fine sugar (optional)
Chocolate mousse

125g cream

100g good quality dark chocolate
Prepare Biscuit Layer 

For the biscuit layer add all ingredients except biscuits in bowl and mix well. Ensure the coffee, water mixture is not hot before you start. Ensure it is chilled after the water added to hot esspresso.

Liquor Coffee Mascarpone cream  Layer

Whip mascarpone cream, for one minute then whip thickened cream until light and fluffy. Mix the two together.  Add fine sugar (optional ) mix well. Lastly stir through the liquor. Keep cream mixture  in fridge until your ready.

Mousse layer

I could tell you to place dark chocolate onto a heatproof dish and stir over indirect heat. What I do though is  place thr chocolate in a microwave safe dish and heat in 30%  heat  in your microwave  for 30seconds. Stir and heat for 15 seconds in same heat strength. The chocolate does continue to cook even when not in microwave so be careful you don’t melt too far.

Whip the cream till also light and fluffy and poor the melted chocolate as your whipping.  Set to side.


Dip a biscuit at a time into cold coffee water wash. The coffee water wash should be a rich dark colour. Dip the biscuit ensure both sides of biscuit have absorbed coffee wash in equal amounts. Try not to have the coffee wash absorb all the way through. 

Cut dipped biscuit in half and place it in bottom of coffee cup.Add a layer of mascarpone cream then add a layer of mousse. Continue until you have repeated the process. Finish off with cream Layerand decorate with a dollop of chocolate mousse. Sprinkle with chocolate dusting if you like.

Place in fridge and allow to set overnight. Serve when required and enjoy .

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