Greek scrambled eggs with tomatoes, strapatsatha

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For something a little bit different, try this simple greek dish of scrambled eggs and tomatoes or otherwise known as Strapatsatha or kagianas. Use nice ripe tomatoes, grate lightly using a box grater,  reduce on the pan with a little olive oil and then scramble with the eggs.  Strapatsatha or Kagianas is a popular dish from…

20-minute tender beef casserole in red wine

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This stew is the perfect comfort food.  Tender, fall apart beef simmered in a rich and wholesome tomato and wine sauce. There are so many recipes for beef stew, beef casserole,  beef bourguignon and beef ragu.  They are either simmered for hours over a casserole, in the oven or a slow cooker.    This recipe…

Roasted Mushrooms with Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary Butter


Mushrooms have a way of absorbing the ingredients around it and in this simple earthy dish, the delicate lemon myrtle and garlic infuse the mushrooms with flavour.  Serve on toast,  or as a complement to a Winter Roast.  Use a variety of mushrooms such as shitake, button and oyster for added interest.