Quick mix, Olive Oil and Spelt Banana Bread


A simple and perfectly moist banana bread recipe with a wonderful texture, colour and packed with flavour.

This bread is a perfect change to the cafe style banana breads that have a high quantity of refined sugars and flours. Made with olive oil, spelt and the right combination of spices it is a delicious source of good fats, high in fibre and low GI.

I have always talked about the benefits of using spelt flour. Besides being good for you and gentler for your stomach, it gives the cake a texture better than if you were to use Wholemeal flour alone. The recipe will work with wholemeal flour though.

Mediterranean Cuisine is all about freshness and using pure ingredients.

I always keep oranges ( and lemons ) at hand in my fridge to use for baking. Fresh orange juice in baking should only ever be used, try avoid bottled juice here.

I cannot describe the aroma of freshly ground spices well enough. It is truly euphoric and it would be a crime to use store bought ground spices. Ready made ground spices almost have a stale woody smell about them. Freshly ground spices truly bring this cake to a level of their own.


2 ripe medium bananas

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1/4 cup pure honey

1/2 – 3/4 cup almond milk/cow’s milk/almond milk

2 eggs

Zest of 1 Orange

1 cup Wholemeal Spelt flour, sifted

1 cup Plain Flour, sifted

2 tspns baking powder

1 tspn bicarbonate be of soda

1 tbspn freshly ground cloves

1 tbspn cinnamon

1/4 cup crushed walnuts

Besides being good for you and gentler for your stomach, the higher amino acid content gives the cake a texture better than Wholemeal flour alone.


With a fork crush the ripe banana to mash.

Sift the flours , bicarb , soda and spices.

Whisk the olive oil, orange juice, zest, honey and two eggs together until well combined and mixture is not tight.

Stir through the mashed banana.
Alternate adding the flour mixture and milk with a wooden spatula. Use half the cup of milk here.

The spelt will absorb some of the moisture and the amount absobed will vary depending on your batch of spelt. Wait for a minute, you may want to stir through 1/4 cup extra milk.

Lastly add half the walnuts into the mixture and place into a lined loaf tin. Sprinkle the remainder of the nuts on top.

Bake in a preheated oven for approximately 1 hr at 170 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Gloria W. says:

    will definitely try

    1. I hope you do.

    2. It is a lovely cake.

  2. Looks so good 😊! I’ve never used spelt flour, probably should give it a try!🤔

    1. Absolutely you won’t be disappointed.

  3. jyo says:

    Such a beautiful bread…love the combo of orange juice and banana ❤

    1. It goes so well together.

  4. dtills says:

    This looks so interesting! I have never used spelt flour in a banana bread. Have you ever made this with just spelt and omitted the AP flour? I am catering some yoga retreats in the summer and need a few gluten free recipes. This may fit that if I can eliminate the regular flours.

    1. You can, I’m happy to try it out over the weekend. I may need to adjust quantities for the liquids.spelt isnot gluten free but many who are on gluten free diets report it to be gentler on their stomach.

      1. dtills says:

        Thanks for the info! I personally have a piece of sprouted wheat toast everyday, mostly because it is delicious 🙂

  5. mistimaan says:

    Very yummy 🙂

  6. diannayota says:

    Oh my goodness this looks so moist and delicious… yummm!!

  7. Chrissy says:

    Looks super great! 👍🏽 Spelt is a great gluten-free flour!

  8. Perfect for snacking! <3

    1. Thank you for saying so !

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