Your one-stop guide to a Flaky, rich, savoury tart crust.


This pastry is much better than traditional pastry and easy to make. When baked it has a beautiful golden brown colour, and tastes wholesome and rich.

It cuts easily with a fork, holds it’s shape when lifted.

An awesome low carb, high protein pie crust perfect to be used as a quiche, tart or gallette.

This pie crust coincidentally has a lower GI index than standard flour, it will help your blood sugar, cravings and is also higher in fibre and protein. The rice flour and spelt is the secret to the consistency. So if you don’t follow a low gi diet simply use this recipe for the magnificent end result.



1/2 oat flour ( oats processed until flour consistency )

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup spelt flour or gluten free flour

1/4 cup coconut oil ( warmed )

1 egg ( room temp)

4 tablespoons water ( room temp)

Pinch salt

Makes : rectangular fluted pan  31 x 21 x 3 in size.


Add all flours into your food processor.

The end result of the dough will depend on the temp of the ingredients. Melt coconut flour to liquid, ensure the egg and water is room temperature.

Add flours in food processor and mix together.


Oat, coconut, spelt flour or gluten free flour

Add coconut oil.

Mix briskly, so as to ensure mixture is crumbly. Add egg and water. Run the processor on low until mix forms a dough.

Add egg, melted Coconut Oil

Remove from processor. It may be crumbly and not smooth just like the picture below.

Pastry is crumbly to start with

Add one more tablespoon water and knead using a Press and roll motion.

It will form a smooth  ball. Wrap in plastic. Let it rest in a cool place ( maybe fridge of kitchen is warm ) .

Knead until smooth and holds shape

To roll out, use glad wrap underneath dough and on top. Roll to shape with a rolling pin. The glad wrap is there so you won’t have to worry about your dough sticking to bench and falling apart, or sticking to rolling pin.

I used a rectangular fluted pan. This particular one, doesn’t require greasing. Simply remove glad wrap from top of flat dough , lift and press onto pan. Remove glad wrap. Blind bake for 10 mins.  ( add greasproof paper and dried beans ).

It’s now ready for your filling.



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