Fig, Apple and Raspberry Scrolls

These scrolls are delicious warm on their own or topped with a generous drizzle of raspberry and lemon jam. The scrolls are soft and pull-apart with ease. When biting into them the filling bursts of sweet and indulgent figs, walnut and moist apple. What I love about these, the butter is limited and sugar content in the dough comparatively low. The sweetness comes from the figs, fresh apple and the sultanas. Why add more sugar when this is just perfect as it is.

Easy and delicious fig and raspberry scroll

Cooking Time: 35-40 mins depending on your oven and size of scrolls

Baking Dish: 30cm round cake tin


7g dried yeast

2 tbspns caster sugar

3/4 cup milk warmed. See method Below.

1 tbspn vanilla essence

70g butter

2 1/4 cup plain flour

1 tbspn milk for brushing


1/4 cup pecans or walnuts

2 apples peeled and chopped.

8 dried Turkish figs

3 tbspns sultanas

1/4 cup raspberry jam

1/2 tspn grated lemon rind

1 tbspn water

Easy and delicious fig and apple  scroll


Warm milk and caster sugar. It is important the milk is not too hot as it will be used to activate the yeast. To test, insert your finger in the warmed milk and keep in the milk for a few seconds. If it feels warm and comfortable the temperature is right.

Combine yeast into the milk mixture. Set aside in a warm place for 5-10 minutes, until bubbles appear.

Prepare the filling

Place the half the melted butter, pecans, apples, figs and sultanas in a food processor and roughly blend, Some pieces here and there are fine.


In a bowl, add the flour, other half of melted butter, essence. Rub butter into flour. Add the cinnamon.

Add the activated yeast and mix to form a dough.

Let it rest for 1 minute.

Dust bench lightly.

Knead to form a rectangle shape apx 20 x 35cm in dimensions. Spread filling on top. Carefully roll the dough lengthwise and cut into 2 cm slices.

Place in buttered baking dish. Arrange into a symmetrical patter and allow to rise for 1/2 to 45 minutes somewhere warm. Brush with milk.

Sprinkle with extra cinnamon.

Bake at 160 degree fan forced ovenfor 40-50 minutes. The time will vary slightly due to oven heat variations, dough consistency and size.

Heat the jam, water and lemon rind together. Allow to cool.

Cinnamon and fig Scroll

Drizzle on top of warm scrolls and serve.


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks too yummy


    1. Thank you mustimaan. 🙂

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  2. Megala says:

    Wow ! This looks amazing, love the addition of figs in here !!

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    1. That was my favourite too. … 🙂

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  3. Oooh yum, these look so delicious Marina!

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  4. juliarecipes says:

    I love figs, and this look divine, I have to try the recipe darling!!:-))

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  5. My Real Dish says:

    Love the red color!

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  6. miakouppa says:

    This looks delicious Marina!! wishing we had a piece right now !

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