Chickpea Skordalia Mash

Spectacular Modern and lower carb version of a Greek favourite skordalia ( σκορδολια ). Skordalia, is a Greek version of mashed potatoes with loads and loads of garlic and olive oil. The boiled and mashed potato has crushed garlic, olive oil drizzled and whipped though it.  Try this modern take of skordalia. Greek skordalia, is loaded with garlic, potato and olive oil, although a favourite in Greek homes can be too heavy and too hot as the skordalia contains alot of raw garlic.

The combination of potato and chickpea in this modern take ensures neither flavour  takes over and your not left with a strong garlic aftertaste. A little lemon and olive oil adds to the creaminess.

Use as a dip, or as a mashed potato variation into a meal. Either way divine.



1 tin 400g Organic Chickpeas

1clove garlic

1 juice lemon

1/2 cup boiled mashed potato

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup water



1.  Strain the chickpeas and rinse well. Flush some water through chickpeas to wash out any extra salt.

2.  In a blender mash the garlic first. This will ensure there are no garlic chunks in your dip.

3. Add all ingredients into a larger blender, and blend until cream and smoothie. Tap the blender and blend again.

4. Serve as a dip, or with lamb.











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