Basil, Pinenut and Rocket Pesto

Once you make this pesto you just won’t go back to store bought. It is aromatic, robust and screams freshness.  Pesto I recall was used way too liberally in the 90s as a go to flavour for just about anything. Unfortunately they never took the time to make their own opting for the jar variety brown and lifeless marinading in equally lifeless oil and vinegar. 

Freshly made basil is so simple and will leave you surprised as to how different it tastes and looks.

The possibilites are enless… lightly drizzled over salad dressing, flavouring for a meat dish or stirred through for a quick and flavoursome pasta dish.

It’s worth growing this herb yourself so that you don’t have to worry whether you have it in stock. If growing things is not your thing, don’t worry basil is probably one of the easiest herbs to grow.  It thrives either in a pot or on the ground in full sun or semi-shade.  

Use a nice full bodied extra virgin olive oil to accompany it, and keep a packet of pine-nuts in your pantry.

I added a little extra step – The pinenuts were placed in a shallow pan over heat and cooked lightly before incorporating.


1 healthy bunch of basil.

1/2 a handful of rocket.

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

100g pine-nuts ( lightly roasted or browned )

1/4 cup   parmesan/parmigiano



Your basil to rocket ratio is 2:1. Separate basil stalks and leaves.  Place the basilleaves in your blender.  Dispose of the stalks.


Add olive oil, lemon juice, rocket, pine-nuts and parmesan into the blender with the basil.

Blend them all together for a 6-10  sec pause mix it through, quick taste, as well you may need a little extra parmesan or basil if your consistency is not what you like.

Blitz for a few more seconds and serve.







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